danny murphy 120Red Bank has be "working" on the parking problem for at least the last 25 years and I have been writing, having meetings, going before the town counsel for just about that many years.  The need for parking signs, directions, a parking garage,
promoting the parking garages we have and a litany of additional items such as  maps and aps for digial directions have been needed.  The powers that be have somehow avoided working on the crisis of parking that is embarking on the downtown district and about to start in the Arts and Antique/Theater district also.
For the last 10 years customers and theater goer's have driven in circles looking for a place to park downtown.   With more and more restaurants being allowed to open with no parking plan, we are reaching the "Tipping Point" where Red Bank could become itself a clogged town of cars looking for a place to park. 
One example of this is the opening of Red Rock being allowed to 3 to 4  times the original seating for that site, Marine Park is now full from 11 am to 1 am with their customers and staff. Red Rock is a great addition to Red Bank and beatufully done but now Boondocks and Irwins Marina have no parking for customers, boaters or people that want to enjoy Marine Park. This is the example of the Tipping Point where the numbers cars far outnumber the parking spaces. 
There are places to park but without signage or directions out of town people can not find them.  Bottom line is if you read the last edition of the Tri City News, wheater totally accurate, this is how many people view what is going on with our town.