tom brennan 120How much food do Americans waste each year?  Let me help you.  It's a number between 89 & 91 mil lbs:
Man, you know what this hiking trip is missing? Instant beer!
Now this is a pizza box:
Remember when Paula Deen had a lawsuit filed against her for racial discrimination made by an employee?Just forget it:
Just the kind of review every fast-food place needs: "Police: In-N-Out not a magnet for crime":
"Chicago Pizza Not Among Nation's Best..." Like we need The Huffington Post to tell us that:

As Windows tablet sales rise the Surface tablet still struggles in sales:
Man claims to have help invent Snapchap now suing the apps inventor...Havard twins giggle:
If you're going to steal a church's computer don't call their security company so you can watch porn on it:
Guess how much energy your iPhone uses? I'll give you one hint: It's more than your refrigerator:
"Craigslist has cost U.S. newspapers $5 billion"...and costs me nothing:

The coolest 47-story skyscraper you'll see today...without an elevator:
The Love Boat soon will be making another run. The Love Boat promises something for the junk yard:
The last place you'd expect to be accidentally shot would be a gun safety class by your instructor, right?
Get ready to watch the NJ version of "Moonshiners":
OK gents, if your special lady friend buys these fish it may be time to "get out of the water", so to speak:
In case someone asks you for a chart explaining 4,000 years of world history:
If I had a buck for every time I read a story about some guy getting drunk & falling asleep in a shipping container...

7 films you didn't know Jack Black was in:
Can it be true? Maybe: NJ Lawmaker wants to raise speed limit on BSP & NJTPK to 75mph:


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