david_prown_120A few months back I saw a preview for "127 Hours" and looked interesting and I couldn't tell at all what it was about.

Then one of the kids in town out of blue says to me, "Mr. Prown, did you hear about the movie where the guy ...... his arm ... (I won't say it).

Totally ruined the notion of going to that movie for me. Then I read a review of it this week by local Movie Critic guru Joan Ellis that essentially says everybody knows in advance (about his arm - guess I live a sheltered life) and the movie is so much more than that.

When Joan gives me the thumbs up, I go. And today I did and I really enjoyed it. James Franco is virtually the only character in the movie plays the true life hiker, canyoneer, adventurer, mountain climber Aron Ralston.

Simply we follow and feel his "127 Hours" in a very fast moving film from his 2003 life/death situation over 5 days in Utah. He's a rea life MacGyver and tried virtually every survival skill with clarity and calmness. Yet at the same time his mind is having him relive his own live and relationship interspersed with tricks his mind is playing as his body breaks down.

Written by Danny Boyle who wrote the spectacular "Slumdog Millionaire".