david_prown_120Usually a movie with Denzel Washington ensures 2 things - an excellent movie and a box office hit.

Well, I think he went 1 for 2.

I heard very little buzz about this action thriller co-starring relative unknown Chris Pine based on a true story (not sure where nor when) of a runaway (conductorless) train running on full throttle, with 39 cars, carrying a highly explosive & lethal cargo heading to a large civilian area.

Doesn't sound very original and I'm sure we've seen before, yet this film rocks.

One of those great, mindless fun movie where you sit on the edge of your seat and are totally engrossed in this quick moving flick.

Very few distracting side stories, the grizzled veteran (Washingon) and the know it all rookie (Pine) are like water and oil at the beginning of the trip and are well-oiled team by the end.

Predictable yes, but the photography and the sounds make this movie work.

Just good movie fun.