david_prown_120The movie "Fair Game" got me really mad.

I remember hearing bits and pieces of this whole episode involving CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson who started all with a tough, truthful op-ed piece in the NY times (which raised significant questions regards the White House's claims of WMD in Iraq which led to the subsequent war).

Clearly Plame (fabulously played by Naomi Watts) is an exceptional field agent who gets totally thrown under the bus by a columnist (know doubt fed the story by a White House higher up who later does jail time). Her career was ruined, her life and family threatened many times over and most importantly those innocent citizens involved in overseas operations got hurt the most (as Plame had to be immediately pulled out of the field and shut down permanently).

Why did I let this story pass me by, why wasn't I outraged.

Horrible government abuse for what we all learned later based on a scam reason "Saddam and Weapons of Mass Destruction" - the latter of which didn't exist.

Great movie and Sean Penn is terrific as Joe Wilson.