david_prown_120I've always liked Tyler Perry films for their highs and lows, laughs and tears, reality and maybe over-dramatizing. Still, he's a very important film maker speaking to his African American audience and open minded others.

So I was looking forward to seeing "For Colored Girls" thinking it would follow the same themes of sort. Plus what very little I knew of the movie was that it had a great cast of black, top shelf actresses.

I loved "Precious", the 2009 Oscar finalist, for, to me a raw, real, powerful film. Really just helps me be a bit more insightful, a bit more sensitive to a population I love working with but am often perplexed by.

Well, "For Colored Girls" simply blew me out of the water on so many levels. The actresses were brilliant, the woman they represent (not characters) were so transparent (in a very good way)...they were so open that we really got to know they were, their struggles, their journey, their pain, their needs - wow.

The script/the words were out of this world powerful. Was like watching a play that scene after scene became more impactful and unforgettable. I felt like each scene was a wave coming onto the beach, except the time wasn't receding. It just kept coming, almost overwhelming. I almost drowned with emotion watching this film almost not sure how and when would end, and not wanting it to end.

I'm really not going to go any further except to say this is a harsh, painful, raw, film on the plight of the African American woman. This is a "must see" film for all that have a heart - seriously.

I'm bringing a local girls group to see it on Wednesday because I think it is "that important a film" especially for young ladies to see. But I suspect, many any age group would be profoundly impacted by this film.