david_prown_120Went to see my 3rd documentary within a month and this one was entitled "Inside Job" which was all about the financial crisis of the last few years.

Actually it was nearly a good 6 years in the making basically caused by government deregulation of the financial industry which created a world of highly risky products with minimal oversight and responsibility to the customer.

And in the true American spirit, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

There is a simply a world of power, money, backroom deals, a buddy system that none of us can relate to, understand, or be a part of etc. We simply become the victims.

No doubt most documentaries have a slant, but this ones slant seems to be pretty fair. The rules of the game changed which allowed the very conservative banking system and model of lending to become reckless and a crap shoot. Too many hands were in the till and most of those hands didn't care if the product was good or not as long as it sold.

Us little guys have no chance...seriously. Unless we want to put our money under our pillows, we have to keep "trusting" that someone, somewhere is guarding our money.

Unfortunately, the odds are against and we'll keep coming out on the short end.

As each and every day goes by, I feel great sadness for the next generation on many levels.