david_prown_120"The Conviction" was a movie I was really looking forward to seeing the moment I saw the 1st preview. Starring the great Hilary Swank, whose brother is jailed for a violent homicide. Betty Ann Waters (Swank), after watching the legal system do little to help her seemingly railroaded brother, decides to go to college and law school to single handily discover her brother's innocence.

The previews virtually told the entire story including the highs and lows.

I guess the problem had with the movie is like other movies that you simply know how this is going to end (sort of like the same problem I had with Secretariat and many others). They try to create another side story to keep the audience's attention and create a buzz. Well I attended the Saturday night show at Monmouth Mall and there was about 20 folks in the audience.

Clearly none was created to intrigue folks to come watch this film and after seeing the film, I agree.