david_prown_120I think I saw a preview of the "Nowhere Boy" about 6 weeks ago at Clearview Red Bank. Seemingly the story of the Beatles formulative days in England with no name actors, looked like it would be a great independent film.

Great piece of editing to lure one my fanny into the seat, the movie was simply the story of John Lennon's early years as a teenager (and younger) and tried to show/explain his growing up angst and hence the impact on his quirkly life.

Virtually no music, very much the focus on John, his reconnection with his biological Mom at 17, his relationship with his stern Aunt and others. Almost no interplay with Paul and George, moreso his school and other bandmates.

A very, slow film that will do TERRIBLE in the box office. I would not even recommend the DVD. I consider myself a John Lennon fan and am interested in his story. But the film shared so few musical highlights and his writing brilliance (just hinted at it).

Also sort of weird, but maybe true, that John really just started playing music when he was like 17 (not a prodigy at all).

Movie ends just before they go to Hamburg for their famous breakout sessions.

Disappointing..Not a very good 70th Birthday gift to John.