david_prown_120I took one of my daughters to see the movie "Secretariat" tonight as she used to ride horses and thought she might enjoy it. Plus being an important part of sports history, I thought she might find this interesting.

When we arrived at the movie and I learned it was a Disney flick, you knew it was going to be a story of highs and lows with a slam dunk, tear jerk ending. And that is just about what happened.

Regardless, I thought it was most fascinating reliving a piece of history from my childhood. Back then, when life was so much simpler and with less choices, everybody followed the triple crown (and many other major sporting events).

I learned a ton watching the movie; especially the story about his owner Helen Chenery Tweedy. It was most captivating and Diane Lane hit a home run playing that role while John Malkovich played the famous and wacky horse trainer.

We enjoyed it a lot and thought the soundtrack was surprisingly terrific.

The only area I thought was weak was the legendary Belmont race itself. They did a beautiful job showcasing the head to head battle from the 1st half of the race between Secretariat and arch rival "Sham",  but I thought it was sort of un-Disneylike the showcasing of Secretariats' iconic separation from the field with each gallop to win going away by an unheard of 31 lengths. It was not nearly as dramatic as I would have expected both visually and with the words/script. I think they might have been better served using the original race footage and the call the race announcer in utter disbelief describing this "greatest moment in horse racing history".

PG movie worthy for all to see on the big screen.