david_prown_120I must say the previews for this movie really intrigued me and hence I needed to go see "The Social Network" on opening day.

I don't participate in Facebook but I'm well surrounded by the phenomenon.   The movie told the story of this very modern company specifically less than 7 years old.

It was really fascinating and clearly Jesse Eisenberg (who plays founder Mark Zuckerberg) totally captivated every moment on the screen do to his brilliance, vision, quirkiness and being a borderline geek.

This movie flew along as it mirrored the meteoric soaring of the company watching it evolve on college campus' across the country.  I thought the tie in with the Napster founder was really neat.

Definitely will do okay at the box office but no Oscar nods here.  Will be interesting to see if Facebook fans will be want to watch a story about them or not.