david_prown_120I don't think I heard a thing about this movie before I went....maybe I saw a preview but don't recall.

What a thrill to roll the dice on a movie and it turns out to be a home run.

Ben Affleck stars and I think directs "The Town" which is set in the hardened are of Boston called Charlestown.

Simple story line and yet very dramatic and tension filled. Every scene and word says "Boston" and the movie takes you quickly inside Boston and more specifically Charlestown the characters within.

The only other name actor in the movie is Peter Postlethwaite who delivers an awesome performance.

The music beautifully sets up and accentuates scenes while the filming around Boston just keeps reinforcing where you are at.

Just a darn good movie - definitely see on the big screen.

This movie moved right along and was "Darn Good".