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david_prown_120I'm simply captivated by Queen Latifah, yet 90% of the time I'm disappointed by her movies (just aren't very interesting). Maybe I'm just biased that she lives here in Colts Neck and I have her phone # as we put some windows in for her recently anyway.

I was excited to see the movie "Just Wright" as I like her, looked funny, I love basketball and looked like mindless fun.

Sorry, it was lousy. The previews a) told the whole story of the movie and b) gave all the good jokes.

It was much more a movie on the romance side vs. the comedy side.

Good cast with Common, Paula Patton ("Precious"), Phylicia Rashad and Pam Grier, but a boring script that was incredibly predictable.

I don't think this will even do well on DVD - bummer