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david prown 120Between intriguing previews and any movie with Matthew McConaughey (who can really act), I was in quite interested to see "White Boy Rick". Being based on a true story, makes the film even work better to an level of excellent entertainment.

The Rick Wershe Jr., in his movie deduct, slays the role of this 1980's young teen coming of age in hard Detroit. His acting innocence matches the 15 year old Rick who transitions form being a very small time player navigating life to a pretty high level criminal moving guns, drugs all while smiling and actually being nice. He touts all in the name of family and helping get to a better place…we believe him.

In between all that, he becomes an FBI informant at age 15 enamored by the $ over the dangers of being found out as a snitch.

Dad Rick Sr. (McConaughey) is spectacular unsuccessfully walking the tightrope between helping his family (son, daughter and next door neighbor parents) and the means to getting their (low level illegal activities). He adores is going off the path son; his drug addict daughter and quirky parents. He is one of those sort of sleazy criminals with one foot on the grave and the other on a banana peel. We like him and hope for him but know he has been dealt a poor hand of cards. His sincere, tender scene with his new bi-racial grand child was out of left field yet totally speaks to his heart.

Movie also includes solid roles by the terrific Bruce Dern, Piper Laurie & Jennifer Jason Leigh.

A - This was a very well constructed 2 hour movie that zips right along.