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david prown 120Though raised in near by Connecticut and just 2 years older, I ever so faintly remember the story of the "Three Identical Strangers" from Long Island.  These triplets were given up at birth for adoption and unknowingly and inexplicably separated and placed independently into 3 different homes by a prestigious NY Jewish adoption agency.

Through fate, the triplets, who did not know they had brothers, found each other and the story became national news.  Handsome, charismatic, identical in many ways, the story and their fame took meteorically and smiles abounded.

Alas, life takes over and further exploration unearths the nefarious ways of the agency to split siblings for purposes of a "nature vs. nuture" study (film further clearly explains), your jaw drops.

The endless smiles of the boys (and their families) wane as the question of "why" go unanswered and the details of the "test"

rise to the surface and get halted legally. Frustration leads to anger for some and depression for other as this story turns understandably sad.

So fortunate to have some of the siblings to narrate this documentary and tell their story (as well as some of the adoptive parents).  The glee and anguish on the faces is near haunting.

A heck of a story and subsequent film. Highly recommend

(96 minutes)