david prown 120I will be the 1st to admit that in this case I read ahead on "American Animals" to see if it was violence driven film.

Nope - rather a 2 hour heist film by essentially 4 rookie thieves of rare books from a college library.  Not your most conventional theft prize and a theft not really thought out due to youthful and in-experience.  All 4 gents led  unremarkable lives and sort of destined for bland lives.  Then they got the thievery bug to "get theirs" and the story unfolded.

This true story takes place in Kentucky & they spend lots of time working on this perfect crime which inevitably isn't.

Uniquely, embedded in this film is commentary/thoughts by the actually robbers themselves regarding their thinking that time (after serving 7 years in prison).  So essentially 8 co-stars no one of note which is fine (though pretty boy Blake "no relation" Jenner always seems oddly cast).

Have to say this film is quite highly rated on Rotten tomatoes though not sure why from an entertainment value.

Could be the notion of telling this true story thru both the true life principals and their actors.  Just didn't work for me.

Weird title.