david prown 120The new movie "Disobedience" is very well constructed and acted.

Starring the extremely talented Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams.

Set in Londons Orthodox Community, Weisz returns home for the funeral events of her iconic Rabbi father.  Weisz left the community many many years ago for NYC and was essentially disavowed by her family and friends (so much so that in her dads obituary it says he was childless).

The conflict between her modern life and the timeless traditional Orthodox community creates tension.  Then she returns to her 2 best friends (McAdams and the Rabbi-in-wait played very well by Alessandro Nivola) who are now married to each other and very devout.

One senses on the return a rekindling of a long dormant romance which is the case but there is a curveball that further creates tension between Weisz and the community.

Lastly, Weisz yearns for closure with her family (all now passed) and a community she disgarded and that proves near improbable.

It just worked and moved along nicely