david prown 120TULLY was not on my radar and the previews did nothing to change my feelings.  But saw good review #'s and the special Charlize Theron brought me to the theatre.  Ms. Theron can be a drop dead goddess, a beast of a person or a multitude of other roles.  She seems to carefully select her roles and can be found in every genre and near most any role.

Yes her Academy Award winning best actress role in "Monster"  put her on the map,it her willingness to take 2nd fiddle roles roles in less than premier films really speaks to her abject love of her craft.

So I went to Tully after a poor nights sleep, an intense morning tennis match and rather low expectations.

Fully expected to snooze a good bit  and DIDN'T.

Somehow the storyline and Ms. Theron kept me in-game the entire time.  She did an incredible job drawing empathy from this fat old man (and expect many others) as an uber overwhelmed Mom literally days into her raising of a 3rd child).  Somehow playing a huge unsexy Mom totally drained physically, emotionally and mentally totally wiped doing baby rearing musts (no sleep, breast feeding, screaming, endless diapers and so much more) and the prospect of another long unglamorous journey.  Plus she has a special needs son, a needy daughter and a nice husband who does what he can but bails to video games when she needs him the most.  Sounds like a yawner - NOT.

Tully is Theron's magical night nanny gifted to her by her brother.  Played by the unknown to me, MacKenzie Davis, this lady who is wise, mature and caring well beyond her 26 years who has the magical touch with both Theron and the infant.

There is a real bond, friendship, respect these 2 ladies years apart have for each other and it works. There is a catch in this film which I totally missed (but was definitely asking myself questions during the film) but maybe I didn't want to see.  Awful lot to like about this movie.