david prown 120Never in my wildess dreams did I imagine that the film at the Red Bank Arts Cinema titled "The Death of Stalin" would be anything but an historical piece.

Boy was I stunned 5 minutes into the film to come to the realization that this movie was a straight up satire.   I just wasn't ready for that and never get into the flow of this actually quite well done movie.

Heck of cast with Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor and Mr. Monty Python himself, Michael Palin and many more.

Dictator Stalin dies (we are not quite sure if honorable or nefarious) and the uber-sophomoric Central Committee stumble all over and around each other in seating the new head of the Soviet Union.

Imagine the TV show "Survivor" after the immunity challenge set in the highest reaches of the Russian government directed by Moliere.

Clearly it was well done and very well constructed..just caught me way off guard and I couldn't recover 100% to consume and enjoy.