david prown 120Jon Hamm is definitely not an A-List actor yet and this latest film, “Beruit” doesn’t move him quite there..but sure moves him in that direction.

With the important international news now coming out of neighboring Syria and that helacious region of the world, visuals of this film set in the Beruit, Lebanon takes you right there.   An utter hell-hole on many levels and amazing to think about the enormous amount of people who live there, raise families in that region...and how lucky we are for what we have.

“Beruit” reeled me in with quite respectable movie ratings and it was justified.  Movie tension grabs you from right off as Hamm is a passionate state departmen diplomat working in Beruit with his native love of his live and a country he adores.

A terrorist attack strikes and changes all and the film regroups years later when he is stateside working in the private sector as a widower.  When a member of his original team is kidnapped, the government (CIA) reaches out to him to go back and rescue him.

Then it becomes a spy thriller getting in and out of impossible situations while dealing with his own personal demons of the region.  Working with fellow operatives including the very talented Rosamund Pike, Hamm keeps the complicated negotiation going and his friend alive maximizing on his gut instincts andworking around the rules.

Flowed real well, many native names complicate characters but you get the gist and will enjoy.