david prown 120Had to travel to New Brunswick to catch a showing of the kids film "Peter Rabbit" which is about 30 miles away. My bad in not getting grandson to a showing several weeks ago when it was closer and in more theaters.

Hard to know if I liked this movie a good bit because I did or he did.

Maybe the most I've heard him laugh in movie theater ever... Good stuff.

In some ways I think I favor movies where the animated characters don't have voices of famous people and famous voices so I don't get distracted.

Peter Rabbit was voiced by excellent all-around performer James Corden but for whatever reason this rabbit had a bigger personality than the voice and hence was not distracting.

Peter and his three sisters and cousin lived out in the country on the same piece of land where they were raised by their mother and father.

Both mom and dad were killed by the local homeowner whose property they lived on invading his outstanding vegetable garden for food.

Some of the very early movie scenes involving death and violence towards animals were pretty eye opening but my grandson rolled with it. Then the movie generally became quite sweet and enjoyable.

Had to enjoy the role of Bea played by Rose Byrne who owns the adjacent country cottage and is a very young sweet attractive woman.  She adores everything about the country side including all the animals who she interfaces with daily.

At points of the movie kind of reminded me of the animal version of Home Alone.  Most definitely watching the battles between the mean garden owners and their endless efforts to keep the hungry animals out.

One real nice kids film with a happy ending.