david prown 120Sorry for the gap in movie reviews and I really can't blame it on being a girls high school basketball Junkie. 

In fact, I have gone to two movies in last 10 days which were Red Sparrow and Thoroughbreds.  Problem was I entered both movie theaters not 100% & slept through some pretty critical moments.   Both those movies failed to grab me enough to keep me awake.  Hence no review for either unless I chose to go again.

Being well aware that we are amidst the first three quarters of the movie year where traditionally Hollywood releases predominantly weaker films. I was in need of a positive Movie experience and something told me that the new film Love, Simon would yield a good result.

What I liked about Simon (Nick Robinson) and his nice group of friends is it wasn't a pushy film.  His co-ed group of friends seemed genuine and their expected high school issues were not overly agonizing....maybe they reminded me of my own high school experience and fortunate to have a good group of friends.

Storyline is very clear and clean as Simon struggles about the when and where to "come out" to his family and friends that he is gay as a high school senior.

I like that he comes from a very loving family with strong parents and a real adoration for his younger sister.  Jennifer Garner just doesn't get older and she plays a real genuine sweet mom.
Not surprising the decision of his announcement it's not made by him and hence is quite a stressor.

I've been out of high school for 40 years now but from what I hear and read the compassion for the LGBT community among other students is pretty darn positive. I sensed that many more students have publicly identified their sexuality in their high school in a more compassionate era.

Yet the end of the movie we learned there are three gay students in this entire seemingly upscale public high school which seemed odd and distracting to me. Just didn't seem plausible.

Anyway just a very nice sensitive not over the top movie.  Plus you know I love films under 2 hours and this one came in at 95 minutes.

Happy I went to see.