david prown 120I am not a big fan of fantasy themed movies but when you have a cast full of Uber actors the likes of Sally Hawkins, Richard Jenkins, Michael Shannon and Spencer Octavia Spencer - you just have to go!!

So I was juiced to see the cast but quietly I was giving myself permission to fall asleep assuming a quirky, romantic fantasy between a human and non human would be a bit drowsy. Boy was I dead wrong!

The Shape of Water really really worked because it was a wonderfully crafted film that grabbed the emotions of the audience.

It takes utilizes elements of yes romance and fantasy along with covert government experiment story line tied to the race to space and of course the Russians have a role in this film.

So the lead actors above play a sweet mute cleaning woman who oozes kindness to all including an ocean person/animal, a kind, lightly gay neighbor who is an unemployed commercial artist, the vicious boss of clandestine project and the motherly best friend and co-worker of mute star.

I know you are seconds away from bailing on this review and this film BUT DONT. It really was an exquisite film with perfect sound track, a beautiful cast and and movieMagic.

Is it a “chick flick”....in part but also there is some pretty shocking (no pun intended) abuse “Of the creature” with a stun wand, full frontal nudity and rough sex. And maybe having both ends of the spectrum in 1 film adds to its magnificence.

The Shape of Water has a very legitimate shot to win movie of the year though (though I think 3 Billboards a nudge ahead). But it is very very good and I strong urge all to see. How the heck could someone come up with this script, that a studio would believe in making it and absolute top shelf actors would jump aboard. Good stuff!