david prown 120When the 3 young Americans stopped a hell bent terrorist on a train to Paris in the summer of 2015, American and many other countries embraced these heros who saved countless lives. Maybe is was a slow news cycle, but I clearly remember these gents getting terrific media and beyond recognition and celebration across the country.. I distinctly remember being really pleased that these heros stayed in the national news cycle for longer than most news stories. With deservedly so photo ops, parades, talk shows and more. We need to celebrate “good guys” more in our world but interestingly despite the coverage, I don’t think generally we could. Remember any of these gents names once the cycle passed which is odd but may speak to our fascination in this country with the bad guys which is sad.,

Fast forward to today and the recently released big screen depiction of this event called The 15:17 to Paris directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood. From what I gather, after he decided to direct the film and met the real heros in person, he took a shot and decided to cast those 3 as the actors themselves in the film playing themselves.

Great idea, absolutely didn’t work. When I saw the moviefone.com rating #’s in advance, which weren’t very good, I thought I’m still going out of respect and hoping to learn more of the back story.

The back story is that they were 3 lifelong long buddies, that together marched to their own beat since grade school. A gap in their lives schedule allowed them to meet in Europe for a multi week backpack/hostel vacation. So this film became effectively a travelogue for this type of vacation and subtle commercial for having a selfie stick on vacation.

A.K.A., this movie went nowhere fast! Weak, boring script . We spend most of the film watching buddies on vacation eating, talking, partying and sight-seeing. Danger Will Robinson