david prown 120Any film starring Salma Hayek and John Lithgow has my undivided attention. Extra juiced that film was only 83 minutes long. So I had great hopes.

Hayek (Beatriz) is a native born Mexican living in California nearly her entire life. A holistic health practitioner who works a both a cancer health center along with side jobs doing massage, Reiki, and more.

Story centers around her visit an extremely wealthy CA . Her car break down which leads her to having to stay for dinner which includes a big time, very blunt business man/power broker and a political person/lobbyist.

Beatriz relaxing with a little wine and trying to fit in encounters folks whose value system run a full 180 degree opposite of the kind, sensitive, holistic and spiritual Beatriz. She can't hold back and though in many ways on point, the time and place of the airing of here views (as last minute guest) distracted me somewhat from her words. Yet, it actually worked and made things uncomfortable (that is good in film).

The last 10 minutes lost me vis a vis what was true or a daydream sequence. Also was there a spiritual symbolism of the movie ending acts. I really wanted to like this movie and I liked it…to a point.

I guess in ways the very different points of view and lifestyles is a microcosm of our country our class structure. Maybe the uncomfortableness of all actually was the point of the film and may deserve a higher kudos from a more astute critic.