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david prown 120I am not sure if in the history of movie making making has there been a more aptly named movie then the recent release called "Rough Night"

This title perfectly describes the agony this film puts through its moviegoer who bought a ticket to this nightmare.

The previews told me this movie would be terrible but unfortunately it was the only game in town and surprisingly the Moviefone ratings were respectable.

Just in case my gut feel was going to be correct, I made sure I DID NOT have a nap before this movie and I DID NOT have 1 5 - Hour Energy drink to ensure that I could go to sleep quickly and easily as expected.

Shocking this movie kept my attention for all the wrong reasons. I simply could not believe that a few whose leading roles included Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon could be that horrible. I was waiting for something/anything that could engage me. To see a cameo by Demi Moore (who I haven't seen in 10+ years) should have been the tell of how bad this film/script was.

So predictable...so painful. ugh