david prown 120I will be the first to admit that really funny previews for the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul" reeled me in. Yet, I would have bet $ right then that the previews were going to be the best part of the movie. Yet the eternal movie optimist, I still went despite the critic ratings being pretty medium at best.

All about a sort of nerdy, off beat family of 5 taking a road trip to hell (sorry to a relatives birthday) halfway across the country. Alicia Silverstone channeled her inner Jane Curtin from my era and was fun as the perfect Mom. She decided on this trip, made the rules in a dream to create the perfect, bonding, off line, no work family vacation. Her sort of nerdy husband is well played by Tom Everett Scott who I feel like I've watched forever. The "Wimpy Kid" who played young Greg Heffley I really didn't find that wimpy but rather a typical 9/10 year old who is tech saavy, starting to rebel against parents, not a huge fan of his 2 brothers and just liked to play

This movie is the 4th in a series of "Wimpy Kid" films and this is the 1st I've seen. I can't explain why, but this pretty simple, pretty predictable movie held my attention throughout. I didn't fall asleep once, yet I didn't laugh too much either (though recall a few belly nice belly busters)

There was a good # of families in the theatre with kids 7-10 and I will tell you at the end of the film there was lots of clapping.

Nothing edgy in this true PG movie but for some mindless movie fun in this pretty lame movie season, it was good enough (especially at the Tuesday night $ 5.75 ticket price in Hazlet).