david prown 120Really not sure if the Richard Gere movie "Norman" is a film I would have gone to see if the stars didn't align to direct me there.

In ways it may be complicated yet following a simple man with a unfocused aspiration. Don't expect to fully be able to connect all the dots but don't sweat it as that is what makes this movie really special. Quietly, this is a very rich film

Norman Oppenheimer (Gere) is clearly a conundrum. We really never quite know absolutes about him. Is he a successful business man or not? Where does he live or is he homeless? Did he/does he have any family or always by himself. Heck, where the heck did he come front and/or how did get to where he is today strolling the streets of NYC trying to solve everybody's problems and put people together (business). He is the self proclaimed king of interactions (even if he doesn't know one of the parties).

At the end of the day, we sense early on that he is little more bluster than substance. Yet we like him and quietly root for him..don't ask me why. Ok..he's darn likable and yes an underdog.

He is simply fascinating Jewish New York businessman, consultant and friend who is an island unto himself. The very special and diverse soundtrack dramatically adds and supports this just nice film. The story line is unique and warm

Need to mention again how much the music supports carries nourishes and enhances this already excellent movie.

Sure is nice to go to a movie with no violence no sex mostly positive images and a very occasional bedroom bad word. At the end of the day, Norman, is a human junction box of helping people, deals, his house of worship and much more. We think and believe he has a very warm heart (and there is no reason to think he doesn't).

Could this be true? Who knows…who cares…our 2017 world needs more Normans who are kind, calm, sincere and caring.

Highly recommend.