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david prown 120I will be the first to admit I go to every single Tom Hanks film out of respect and generally he plays a good guy. I think his new film "The Circle" which also stars Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame would not be getting much pre-release hype without the presence of A-Lister Mr. Hanks.

Essentially the story of a social media company that has a vast majority of Americans as its members. As a result it captures a vast amount of data from all especially including their employees.

We don't really learn where all this into it goes but we suspect it is sliced and diced and sold to make this company its billions. The company is huge and quite arrogant (The COO states in a board meeting "The US Government needs us more than we need them).

The film simply emanates around the word "privacy". Something we are all aware of and hope our doings on the internet generate targeted ads, links etc. We all know our private is shrinking and we are being watched in many different ways.

Only child Emma Watson is living on her own and struggling to make it when one of her best friends gets her a job at The Circle. Initially she is extremely cautious and private regarding sharing virtually all aspects of her life. The Circle mantra highly encourages and somewhat pressures all employees to be the other way and be extremely active on social media plus endless company activities.

A near-death episode happens to her but she is saved within minutes by the pretty extraordinary and scary use of cameras and social media all tied into The Circle.

An virtually in a snap, Miss Watson goes from a very private young lady to the poster child of life transparency as she agrees publicly share every aspect, conversation etc. with the world via The Circle "everywhere" camera technology. Does she get a $1,000,000 from the company to do this (no), is she given ownership (no) but all of the sudden she flips 180 to become the poster child.

Of course at some point the honeymoon of this transparency flips back on her and bring her back to her original core. This clever young lady then also flips the openness transparency back on the 2 CEO's.

Let me tell you this did not seem all too far-fetched. But as citizens, our declining privacy combined with more and more Big Brother oversight is a reality. Something we all struggle with at different degrees so hence the story line was not so novel and made the movie just okay.

Her father in the film, Bill Paxton, died (in real life) somewhere in the process of the film being made and hence it is dedicated to him. A talented actor.