david prown 120No Doubt, the 1st quarter of the year is the worst for new movie releases. It's all about the box office and Oscar love so premier early in the year releases are a rarity.

Still a movie goer is a moviegoer and I had to see something the other day. Simply “Before I Fall” fell into right time slot and had a solid audience and critic feedback

I am sure there have been previous movies made where lead characters get a unique chance to relive a fateful day and make decisions that might alter the end result or the path to the same.

So in this film we get the watch 17 year oldish Samantha “Sam” who is clearly a pretty smart ,mature teenager who is clearly influenced the head of her posse “Lindsay” who is a bully, brash and angst filled.

You clearly get to see the worst of teenagers in terms of disrespect, bad decision making, uncaring, doing and saying hurtful things etc.. Boy, do I not miss raising kids during that era (having raised both, girls are MUCH trickier).

Anyway Sam for reasons gets to relive a fateful day a number of times shaping the path for a more acceptable result.

We watch her re-valuate her relationships with parents, siblings, friends teachers, “uncool students” and more.

For some reason(s), this movie worked well. combination of the actors, the acting, the story line & maybe somewhat of a positive ending worked for me.

I would check it out for sure via some media vehicle.