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david prown 120The previews for new release "Paterson" looked nice but didn't knock my socks off. However, I'm a big girls high school basketball fan and I regularly go to Paterson for games.

Clearly that "hook" brought me to the theatre to see this film. No doubt, I was very thrilled to see several of the key landmarks like the main shopping street (name), the world famous Paterson Great waterfalls, a scene in Lou Costello Park and one of the actors was wearing an Eastside Ghosts shirt.

This film really worked and was wonderfully engaging. Staring Adam Driver is a loyal NJ transit bus driver who seems to enjoy the seemingly monotonous life of waking up at the same time, eating the same breakfast, walking to work with lunch pail on same route wearing same bus drivers uniform. Drives the same route over and over while picking up snippets of customer, co-worker and folks on the street conversations that he takes writes in his journal in a unique poetic style. He even writes poems about wooden match boxes.

He has yet to be discovered for his poetic genius but he works on it every day.and he is tremendous supported by his loving, attractive wife (Golshifteh Farahani) of Iranian decent (and her accent makes me melt every time she speaks). She spends her days absolutely captivated by the colors black and white and making artistic patterns on everything in their house with those 2 colors (including her clothes, walls, shower curtains and more)....actually looks pretty cool and brights up the sort of drab house.

He wife encourages him to go on his nightly walk with his dog and stop at the nightly pub for a beer (where were girls like that when I was in high school?). She never raises her voice to him or utters a negative word...totally supportive.

Sounds like a boring movie huh??? - sorry folks, it is not. I really enjoyed. It is a wonderfully kind, sincere, simple and positive.