david prown 120“Miss Sloane” was on my radar to see but not as a must. Stars very talented Jessica Chastain as team leader of a big lobbying firm leading the fight to pass anti-gun legislation at the national level.

Immensely smart ,talented and fearless there is no level that she won't go to to  achieve the mission.  This seasonsed lobbyist knows especially going up against the most powerful gun lobby that there really is any line that can't be crossed.

She is well aware that her opponent will spend endlessly & cross the same lines to achieve their goal to maintain the existing gun laws (vs. allowing some mandated background checks).

This political thriller fight is highly complicated as it uses a good bit of industry vernacular that goes over probably most of the audiences' head. However you can understand the gist and works pretty well. There were lots of actors on both sides of the issue and hard to visually differentiate (wish they wore colored uniforms, like in sports.)

The movie does not work you try to explain where she acquired all her skills, Instinct and training. They just let it be that she is a pro. She is one tough as Nails boss to work for and I think she had a team of about seven or eight Young vibrant workaholics. Her tough leadership style no doubt rubs both allies and opponents the wrong way.

"Miss Sloane" also stars long timers Sam Waterston and John Lithgow. I liked the film and moreso as it moved along and particularly the ending sequence of events.