david prown 120New film "Hacksaw Ridge" about a Congressional Medal of Honor WWII hero who does so while refusing to carry a weapon is simply powerful stuff and top shelf movie making.

Seriously, the previews very much clearly outline the film based on the true life events of one Desmond T. Doss (played perfectly by Andrew Garfield…. stay for the priceless credits and you'll see why). And folks, his Sergeant, played by generally comedic Vince Vaughn, is wonderfully developed and acted.

The background of the story, does a very good job of introducing us to his upbringing and relationships with his Mother, Father & Brother (as well the love of his life who he meets shortly before enlisting). Blend this is in with his strong religious beliefs and we are fully prepared to better embraced his most difficult & unique military journey..

Being his platoons lone conscientious objector, he incurs the wrath of both his fellow soldiers and his leaders. But then come the battle scenes that totally blow you out of your comfortable theatre seats. So violent, brutal, bloody and endless. The Battle of Okinawa (Japan) is a horrendous critical battle that will forever be engrained on the audiences mind.

The visual of wave after wave of US soldiers going up this seemingly 100' plus rope netting covering the face of this cliff is unforgettable and is virtually a death sentence (the US soldiers decimated and forced to retreat 7 times unsuccessfully).

This true story is an breathless example of military loyalty, discipline and heart stopping courage. And regardless of which side of the war conversation you are on, the heroic efforts of American Mr. Doss seem like right out of a fabricated Hollywood script…but it wasn't…it is the real deal.