david prown 120There is something about actor Jonah Hill that I always find interesting and engaging. He plays lots of different roles and I like the way he plays all of them. He has lots of leading roles in feature films and is becoming quite a box office draw.

In his latest film "War Dogs" with co-star Miles Teller of "Whiplash" fame, Teller is quite a quiet talent in his own right. Plus the unique scars on his cheek, neck and chin are weirdly interestingly to look at and I've never had the interest to Google to learn the cause.

This true story, buddy movie of High School pals maybe 10 years out of high school. Both went their own way after edgy high school years and both struggled. They reconnected back in South Florida (where they are from) and become business partners in the total legal practice of selling arms to the US Dept. of Defense.

Utilizing this new business opportunity (such contracts previously went to the big guys now the government opened the door to all suppliers) and the web, a more level playing field existed. These young Turks were all over it focusing on the small contracts (as it was just the 2 of them).

The 1st three-quarters of this film is rollicking fun. A terrific pairing, fun to know it was a true story, love to route for the little guy (and yes I looked the other way in terms of the products they were selling and for what …guns and war).

Just so enjoyable and fun I cannot explain. Plus add in Kevin Pollack and Bradley Cooper playing terrific characters, I was having a great time.

And the cherry on the cake was Teller's young uber knock-out, stunning wife (Cuban born Ana de Armas) in a small role and "hello" I'm in movie city. I cannot describe her quiet beauty and her sexy accent - wow! (Guilty as charged I Googled her and now going just to see her in the new film "Hands of Stone"…okay, okay I want to see DeNiro to but Ana….Whoa!

"Calm down David and back to the movie". The guys get bigger and bigger contracts then land their Rosetta Stone contract that will support them for life getting tons of Ammo for the Afghan forces (thru the US DOD). The job is too big for them and causes great strain on business partnership and personal friendship and it all falls apart

So you have to go with the true story line but the last quarter of the film dampens one enthusiasm for the film. The energy of the film downshifts and I'm thinking of a nap. I still recommend but just a heads up about the "4th quarter".