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david prown 120I know for sure I have seen all of the Jason Bourne movies (5) regardless if it was starring Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner. I've  read all the books but they all run together in my mind which is fine. This allows me to go into the new Bourne films with any basis of comparison and so I enjoy more.

Real simple premise here.  Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) was a highly trained and successful CIA agent/killer who starts having amnesia issues relating to his Dad (a former agent) and his introduction into the agency.

On the run from the agency for years, a CIA friend (Julia Stiles) gives him a file which shows some of his history and about the illegal programs being run.  CIA discovers in short that Bourne is alive and CIA director (the great, I mean great Tommy Lee Jones) and his lead cyber brain/agent (the uber sultry Alicia Vikander) set out to either take him out or bring him in.  The Chase Is On!

The film is simply a non-stop adventure chase of action, thrills,narrow escapes, and yes lots of violent killing on an international stage. This movie is relentless in action and is supported throughout with an excellent score that enhances every scene.

Then add in an incredible last 20 minute automotive chasing scene that is as rememerable as the legendary 45+ year old chase scene from "The French Connection.

This film has all the makings of a summer blockbuster and it is going to be for sure.  Do yourself a favor and go see on a big screen.  Matt Damon is an A-Lister for a reason.

Exhausting, mindless fun.