david prown 120I'm sure I never saw a single preview for the new film "The Infiltrator" starring Bryan Cranston.  Now to me, showing my age, I'll forever think of him as the Dad in the hit "Malcolm in the Middle.  However, clearly he has serious acting chops as he is getting meatier and meatier on TV (highlighting with "Breaking Bad") and Screen ("Trumbo" - Best actor nomination).

So just stumbled in with low expectations and boy was I surprised. Cranston is a highly respected Federal Agent Robert Mazur in the mid 80's in where drugs (mostly cocaine) and the laundering of the $ to wash the profits is exploding in the US.

What I didn't know till the end (though I got plenty of hints during the film if my memory was better), that this was a true story.  Nice guy/father/husband is a pro at his job.  However, the caldron of drugs, money and violence that surrounded this era in our countries history was near unprecedented (at that time).

Mazur plays a fancy dancy money launderer trying to infiltrate the highest levels of the notorious Pablo Escobar's drug ring.

What makes this film work is the escalating tension as Cranston/Mazur gets deeper and deeper into this dark and dangerous international world of drugs and $.  He struggles compromising his values and his family vs the having to keep redrawing the line in the sand as the rules of this drug world were deadly.

Again, playing a true federal agent chasing a true heinous drug lord (Escobar) and involving a true bank BCCI (huge story in the 80's) really made this a terrific and impressive movie experience.

Check it out for sure.