david prown 120I'm not a big fan of the original "Ghostbusters"…it was fun but not legendary.  Yet combine the awesome cast of Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis with maybe a top 5 theme song of all time, and you still have to smile reflecting on the film

Seriously, without that totally fun and engaging and easy to remember song, that film would have been a dud.

So I was very excited about the all woman cast just for a fresh spin and Melissa McCarthy seems to always give films a spark. Plus Leslie Jones, who I really didn't know, looked in the previews that she would be an excellent addition.

Well the 1st 15 minutes really worked and then CRASH! Horrible script, lots of dead screen time and way too much screen time for mad scientist character "Holtzman"

Caulk it up to another bad remake. Should have had a blank screen and played the theme song over and over and film would have been better. Seems like there was a sincere effort to give all 4 Ghostbusters an equal # of lines and hence it really detracted.

Cameo by Bill Murray & Ernie Hudson fun plus statue of Harold Ramis a nice touch. Either I didn't director Aykroyd or slept thru that part. Boy did this move "not work".