david prown 120Went to see movie NICE GUYS several weeks ago simply out of respect for the uber actors Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe (probably they both in the top 5 Actors in Hollywood today).

I knew going into the film that it was about a pair of mid level private detectives that are a bit "Bumbling" and a bit old school. These 2 PD's have different styles but sort of fit and become partners of sort .

Set in the 70's and a bit of a throwback pairing, these "gumshoes" used old school techniques (nothing technical) to solve their cases and get information (yes plenty of physical abuse to extract information or send a message).

Nice movie but I also slept a lot. Was the film or was I super tired? Let's say both.

There was one iconic scene where is Gosling mimics a hilarious Lou Costello from those early black-and-white comedies.

Unfortunately that was the only "throwback scene" (that I was awake for and hence it was okay. I know it is out of the theatres (you are lucky) - wait for Netflix