david prown 120I'm not a big movie comedy fan generally, as most funny lines are in the previews. Something about the actor pairing of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Kevin Hart intrigued me with hope as it was sort of a ying and yang. Rock traditionally a huge, muscle loaded superhero of a sort while Hart plays the whining small guy in comedic roles.

The very basic premise is that Johnson is an overweight, picked on high school student while Hart is the "The Golden Jet" who is the student of the year, schools greatest athlete and dates the prettiest girl.  In a sad bullying scene, Hart is the only member of the school community who comes to Johnson's aid in a very embarrassing situation.

Fast forward 20 years later and a class reunion is just a few days away.  Hart has no interest in going as he is far, far from "The Golden Jet" and just a mid-level accountant.  Meanwhile, Johnson, who changed his name from high school and is now an all-world, uber CIA agent/fighting machine who is out to save the world.

Johnson, who has some fun through unrealistic childish ways,  reaches out to Hart for his accounting prowess plus he was his only "friend" in high school.

Movie zips along and the pairing is quite light and fun. Mindless fun.