david prown 120"ME BEFORE YOU" starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin in theaters now presents exactly like what you see in the previews.  Young, uber bubbly English (I think) girl does a number of jobs to help her loving blue collar family.  Newest job finds her as one of the caregivers for "Hunk a Hunk", a.k.a.very handsome young Will Traynor.  From a wealthy family, this very successful banker with a gorgeous girl friend is involved in an accident which makes him essentially paralyzed from the neck down.

The writer/director does a heck of a good job of moving this above part of the movie along quickly so we can get into the meat of the film.

The meat?  Well it is all about the relationship between these two and the slowly simmering romance.  Traynor is very negative being in his chair and the care of others while 6 months ago he was experiencing the "Living the Dream" work and social life.

Clarke, playing the role of Louisa Clark, brings this magnificent quirkiness and super positive spirit to every aspect of her life. She is so bubbly, enthusiastic and passionate that simply must root for her to achieve and enjoy success.

The storyline is genuinely predictable which makes it even more enjoyable as you then you can sit back and simply watch the bond evolve.  He slowly lets his guard down and "Clark" (what he calls this chipper ball of fire) is simply relentlessly positive, genuine and caring.  She always lights up the screen every moment she is on it.  Add in her super-quirky sense of fashion (fun colors, patterns, designs) with the audiences empathy for Traynor's huge life curveball, and the film of this bond really works.

Both these young people have wonderfully supportive parents that are part of the story but not a big part.  The camera is clearly on these 2 young people figuring out their path and watching their relationship slowly move forward.

I was surprised how much I really enjoyed and rooted on both.  Sure helps when both leads are in their own ways, both very likable and very attractive.