david prown 120No doubt that the movie "A Hologram for the King" was solely on my radar because it starred Tom Hanks. He is one of those half a dozen actors (male and female) that I simply go see everything they are in just because they deserve it.

The movie features (Sarita Choudhury a regal woman of English & Indian descent) (whose face and eyes are always simply stunning.. an utter knock-out) as his Saudi doctor and subsequent romantic interest.

Believe it or not I did enjoy this sort of odd, quirky, disjointed film following the journey of veteran salesperson Tom Hanks trying to sell hologram software to the King of Saudi Arabia (hence the lame title) to reignite his choppy career as well as his personal life/spirit as he's going thru a tough divorce.  In most scenes/ interactions, he can turn on his "sales hat" really well in a fun/light way.

Cultural and religious nuances and differences are present thru this film and fun to watch Hanks navigate those hurdles.  His interplay with his driver Yousef during the 1st half of the film is special.  The 2nd half of the film has Yousef essentially disappearing with the very nice romantic relationship blossoming in the 2nd half.

A visually attractive film. But without doing the research I still bet this will be one of Hanks's lowest box-office drawing films of the last 20 years.  Not a very fluid film, but it works and I enjoyed the actors and filming/backdrops/settings.

I saw it in an Arts Theatre and suspect it will find very little play in the bigger multiplexes and will be gone in a blink of an eye.