david prown 120Over the last few months I remember seeing the previews for this fun, kind of artsy independent film called "Sing Street". Set in Ireland, a geeky boy aspires to attract an older, stunner (young lady) thru his music/band featuring her in videos (as a launching pad for her modeling career)….problem was he wasn't a musician nor had a band..hmmm.

Definitely looked like a "fun/lite" movie. Fast forward to a few days ago when I get a text out from a tennis buddy who asked if I had seen "Sing Street". When I inquired back if it was good he said, "I'll wait for your review". Now my buddy Jim is a bit of a wild man on the tennis court so I had no clues what his thoughts were on this film (but didn't think this would be his type of movie..more of a Rambo man).

But ahead I went after work (no nap, no soda, no coffee, no 5-hour and I fully expect to start snoozing in a comfortable movie seat ($6 Tuesday so I wasn't going to be devastated).

Lo and behold, this movie grabbed me within minutes and didn't let go. I love Ireland, love slow, simmering, underdog romances where regular Joe boy (Conor) aspires for an out of his league "Raphina" (her name).

Youngest of 3 siblings to 2 parents that are having serious marital and money problems, transfers Conor to a lower quality school. There, as the newbie, he gets bullied, struggles to make friends and bangs heads with the strict headmaster.

I meets another "uncool" kid (Darren) as friend number one and gives him the confidence to try to approach the beautiful neighborhood girl "Raphina". She is intrigued and plays along for her modeling career. Conor and Darren set off to create a band and make a name for themselves and within short find a group of other "uncool" kids who want to join a band.

I think I'm going to stop right here and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to race out to see this light, magical, romantic, wonderfully musical movie. I was beyond myself really tapping my leg and toes to the terrific sound track of these endless simple, fun, bubble-gummish tunes that work perfectly with this script and cast (some songs you know but many off the grid).

Major kudos to the director for highlighting the many musical pieces and let them play out (vs. editing). Even the scenes where the teen band members are at the infancy of the song making showing the 1st steps with the creating lyrics and the melody quite innocent and believable work well.

This folks is Movie Magic - No sex, minimal violence (school yard fight), no real bad words and SIMPLICITY. Less is more on so many levels made this my favorite movie of the year. This movie builds and builds throughout and so much "good" happens in the movie….you just keep smiling.

Side note, I adored the outstanding older brother role played by Jack Reynor who is struggling in life, missed his opportunity and beautifully nurtures, encourages and even lives through his younger brother in the kindest of ways.

Please go see this really, really special film.