david prown 120I definitely don't go to kids movies unless I have a young person in tow. I remember seeing the previews for "The Jungle Book" & it looked visually stunning but no way I was bringing my 5 year old unless I wanted to be his 24/7 therapist.

So I sort of put Jungle Book on the back burner. But as we know this time of year movie pickings are pretty thin and I saw Jungle Book had been killing In The Box for 3 weeks in a row...the stars aligned and I went.

And boy was I remarkably pleased that I did. First of all, I don't think this movie is appropriate for kids under 10, but that is just my opinion. There are good # of scary enough scenes, death, violence dark undertones and more.

Secondly, this movie was terrific!!  Graphically/visually this film was so crisp and engaging (and I did not see in 3-D).  Seriously, I would go see this movie again..it was that stunning and fun.

As the movie develops, I start recognizing the voices.. Ben Kingsley … Christopher Walken and Bill Murray (will slays the role of Baloo).  I'm sure there were plenty more celebrity voices (sorry I didn't look up). But the combination of the storyline (which I'm sure everybody knows), the visual and the top shelf voices, this could arguably be the movie of the year so far.

I have no clues who the kid was who plays the star, the young boy raised in the jungle, "Mowgli", but he is perfectly cast!!

This is a movie for all ages (10 and up) and you sure don't need a kid along to enjoy…I repeat, I think I'm going to see this movie again as it was that good!