david prown 120I knew very little of Miles Davis's music except know that he was a monster icon in his genre with an incredible history.

Knowing so little about him and knowing this film was written, directed and starring a Hollywood uber talent in Mr. Don Cheadle, I just had to go.

Personally I really enjoyed this movie which also starred Ewan McGregor who is quite a talent in his own right. This film seem to focus on a small period of his life at the back end of a 5 year period where he just "shut it down" musically/publicly.

Film flashed forward, flash back and to current day often which was a bit confusing but didn't bother me.  Clearly he was "making music" during this period plus entertaining quite a selection of "vices".  Much of the film speaks to his romance and marriage to iconic dancer Frances Davis who was world renown and an African American first in many areas of dance.  She fell head over heels for Davis and for a number of years in her prime she gave up her storied career as he essentially demanded it. (they divorced after 9 years and she got back into the profession).

Miles Davis is an utterly brilliant musician and watching him "create/build/tweak" pieces of music, especially when working with other professional musicians was fascinating.

I enjoyed the film immersing the audience in his imperfect life that often those with the biggest stage light on them".  Human frailties rise up and it is easy to get knocked off by taking it for granted or the problems "Greatness Brings" like excessive $, booze, drugs, woman, adulations and more.

The music/soundtrack will knock your socks off and though a disjointed movie, it was well worth it.