david prown 120I had heard some very good rumblings about the new movie "Everybody Wants Some". Yet I saw the previews and was clearly not excited. Candidly, I enjoy low level, sophomoric comedies that are a bit over the edge so I was "hopeful" about this film set on a college campus in 1980 (the middle of my college years) …again the previews looked shaky at best.

With pickings slim on the big screen and an 80+ rating on Rotten Tomatoes on both the audience and critic side is near unheard of, this was the film to see.

I thought this movie came out a few weeks ago, but I didn't see it anywhere local. So yes it came out locally this past Friday but not at all the big theaters which I thought was odd.

Went to the mid-afternoon show on Friday of opening day and there was only 2 seats sold (ouch!). But 35 80%+ reviews on Rotten tomatoes… fingers were crossed.

Thing that catches you right off is the nostalgic music, dress, and hair styles of that era (did we really look like that?) - ugh. Movie revolved around an off campus baseball fraternity and their hijinks/mini hazing in those 1st few wild days on campus at the beginning of the school year but before the classes actually started.

This movie was downright boring. It was generally unfunny and stupid. In fact I cannot remember the last movie I walked out of…but I walked out of this one.

This movie was only good excellent feature which was its excellent soundtrack from the year in around 1980. For me, I was then a manager of a national chain record store so I definitely got to know lots of good era music and that was enjoyable.

But folks, that was it. In the vernacular of young people today… "That movie was trash!"