david prown 120There has been a half a dozen movies that have come out locally in last 10 days that have got very mediocre ratings at best. Definitely was struggling for a movie the other and got nudged towards "Demolition" starring excellent actor Jake Gyllenhaal)
Jake is a Wall Street tiger (Davis Mitchell) working at his father-in-law's (played by the always terrific "Chris Cooper") successful Financial firm. He has been married to Julia for a few years but moreso out of convenience and the link to the high-powered job than out of love.

Pretty much a workaholic who values his wife and marriage at a lower level. With him in car, they are T-boned in a car accident. His wife dies and he is physically uninjured. He simply doesn't/can't mourn (as there seemed to be no real emotion/strength in their relationship). However he clearly becomes unglued being unable to deal with his loss and the realization of his soul-less relationships.

Very shortly after her death while still in the hospital hallway, a vending machine does not give him the candy he put the money in for. So sets off a series of events where via hand written complaints to the vending machine company, phone calls and personal visits, he becomes "un" physically involved with a divorced customer service rep (Karen) for the vending company.

Meanwhile, Mitchell essentially goes off his hinges at work while disassembling everything. He soon becomes transfixed on the notion of taking his entire life apart in order to rebuild a new own. Here the film becomes a little more complicated and a little more real.

Karen is played by the masterful "Naomi Watts" and she is in a bounce-back relationship with her boss (who is uninspiring to her). She has a 15 year old son (Chris) that she adores but who is on a very wrong path (behavior, smoking, his own sexuality, disrespect along with some drugs and alcohol issues). The odd couple of Jake and Chris really connect in odd ways simply because they connect on non traditional levels. This makes Karen very happy as the boyfriend had no interest in her son.

Sounds weird and unengaging but it was far from it. I was very wide awake during this film as it continued to unspool. Yes a quirky story line, but terrific actors with an excellent script made this film very good…really recommend.

Let the movie come to you and don't expect some cutting edge film or overly gripping story line. The simplicity of watching the actors personal angst play out on the big screen and how they deal with singularly and jointly is the real deal.