david prown 120I will be the first to admit that I went to see the new Sally Field movie "Hi, My Name is Doris" simply because I have a 50 year crush on her since her sister Bertrille days in the "The Flying Nun" TV show.

In addition, I went to see the movie to support an older female actresses as they rarely get lead roles..and they deserve more.  Was surprised and pleased to see Tyne Daly in this film also as Doris's best friend who is grounded in her age and slot in life (but you got to see the scene where she is pissed off and is chasing a young chippy around an indoor track.. hilarious).

So the previews essentially told the story of her (Doris's) individual quirkiness in a work setting where she maybe has a fun friendship or a sort of a weird relationship with a male work college some 30 years her junior.

We learn that she has virtually spent her entire adult life caring for Mom and never left the house. Hence she has learned little about social cues or had awareness of contemporary trends (like Facebook and much more) as well as working in a cubicle.

Got to love her double eyeglass look and her conversations with Tyne Daly's 13 year old spirited granddaughter.

What was unique was that the very sizable matinee audience was nearly all women say 50-80.  Where were all the men?  Were all these ladies widows like "Doris? ..Were they living vicariously thru Doris? I don't know the answer but they seemed to enjoy the movie a good bit.

This clean movie has some likable scenes and you were always rooting for Doris (except maybe in the notion that this relationship could extend beyond friendship).  Really rooted for her in her battles against her grave robbing her brother and sister-in-law.

Both a comedy and a drama, neither worked for me.  I really wanted it too but in a sense the film almost made fun of the good hearted, quirky Doris and hence had an air of sadness about it.