david prown 120I had an extra small window of opportunity to go to the movies the other day.  I didn't know of anything unique/special playing and then I stumbled upon the 83 minute long "The Brothers Grimsby" film.  Looked like a silly low brow comedy starring (Sacha Baron Cohen) and (Mark Strong) along with small and workable appearances by (Rebel Wilson and Penelope Cruz).

I think any movie company who makes a movie should get an award for movies under 2 hours and if under 90 minutes, they should get a statue made.

Short movies are like small portions in a restaurants.  If a crappy short movie (or small meal) the pain is reduced as it is over quick.  If a good short movie (or small meal), makes you leave the experience wanting more.

I don't think I've seen a S.B.C. movie before but this one was outrageous.  Very happy I went by myself because this movie was so over the top with wild comedic scenes that were...pick em' ...sick, gross, over the top, edgy, irreverent and I can go on and on but out the end of the day, it was HILARIOUS.

Baron Sasha Cohen (Nobby) plays a goofy drunken unemployed soccer nutso dad who adores his nine children and they adore him back. His friends & family are all the same low end, low brow, offensive, crude yet very good souls.

Conversely his younger brother (Sebastian) is a very high-level MI6 secret operative for the British intelligence service and they find each other after a 28 year search.

End of sharing what the movie is about because the story line doesn't matter.  You like laughing hard in the privacy of a theater to some Way over the top, sick, shocking R+ humor, you will love this film experience.

It is rated R which really will cut into the audience. But the open minded audience can just have fun.  I see this movie is getting trash by critics and not surprised at all.  Such a movie doesn't deserve to be reviewed by professional critics ..we are talking absolute apples and oranges.  However, it can really catch on with the 18-25 plus some of us fossils.  Yes, the audience rating is about average, but if broken down by age group you would be surprised.  I think this movie can get some decent word of mouth.

Sometimes it just feels good to just laugh at loud.