david prown 120From age 7 to 27 I was a full blown sports junkie of all sports, all sports TV shows, read every sports magazine/newspaper etc. I loved contemporary sports and historical sports equally  (until kids came along and that's life).

When the Olympics came on, winter or summer, I was all over every event and most leading/prominent athletes/stories.

I clearly remember the story of Great Britain's "Eddie the Eagle", as a ski jumper.  Clearly TV/media loved this story at the 1988 Calgary winter games.  I clearly remember watching the ski jump competitions to root on this uber underdog.  A sports purist, I don't recall feeling at all that he was denigrating the sport or the Games though by far he was the worst jumper.

It was a very positive story and of the lack of the internet, very little was told of the geeky young mans story/journey.

So the new movie "Eddie the Eagle" was Eddie Edwards story, really his back story.  No doubt license was taking with the facts to make the movie flow better and maybe add a bit of dramatic effect.

When I saw the preview showing life long geek/nerd Eddie Edwards being coached by The Wolverine, (Hugh Jackman), it was such "Man vs. mouse" pairing, seemed intriguing.

I was shocked how enjoyable and engaging this film was.  You got to love his spirit and ability to dream a big dream. As far fetched as it was for Edwards, a total non athlete, to find a path to the Olympics, such a film tells of hopes and dreams. He had been dreaming of the Olympics from a very young age and reached his zenith when he was 25.  He simply didn't let peoples' criticism, lack of athletic skills, lack of $, training and more sidetrack him.

Taron Egerton totally nails the role of Eddie the Eagle.  He totally captures Edwards visual quirkiness and childlike innocence of dreaming while being totally undaunted by endless negative verbal and visual cues.

Special shout to "Jo Hartley" who plays Eddie's Mom.  Her only child, she showed endless support and love for Eddie  yet  while walking a careful tightrope supporting her pretty negative (but realistic) husband.

It was fun to relive the love the media and the fans had for "Underdog Eddie".  At the same time, most enjoyable to learn the backstory, watch his journey "navigating negatives" and he just kept smiling and being positive like a loving, loyal pet.

Was surprised to feel tears rolling down my cheeks at the end.  Go enjoy a nice, clean, positive movie based on a true story.