david prown 120So many folks kept telling me about "The Danish Girl" starring last years Oscar winner for best actor, Eddie Redmayne "The Theory of Everything". and the rising star, Alicia Vikander Testament of Youth".

I will be the first to admitsI was a bit tired and missed some of the critical nuances in this film which was my bad. I really have no clues if this film was true or not focusing on the lives artists and husband/wife Einar and Gerda Wegener. The story is set in Copenhagen, Denmark in the early 1900's.

1st part of the movie told a wonderful love story between these 2 that have been married for 5+ years who seem as infatuated with each other as during their courting days. They thoroughly are enamored by each other at the same time as both being successful artists (Einar more).

In the first part of the film, Vikander is remarkably attractive and highly supportive wife and friend. She will be co-starring with Matt Damon this summer in the latest "Bourne" thriller. Bank on it, she will be a big star…mark my words.

Somewhere during the film, she asks Einar to pose, with some make up, holding a dress, etc. as a woman. This unleashes a long suppressed inner female core and starts a series of events leading of traveling to Germany for a 2 part, highly risky (never been done) transgender surgery.

I found the 2nd half of the movie slower as it had a such warm and flowing love story the 1st half of the movie. Redmayne is quite an uber talent and no doubt could capture back to back Oscars (not my pick).

The emotions shown by both stars with tight camera close ups were riveting and genuine. The sensitivity and pain of his transition and their formal marriage break up was pretty compelling stuff.

Memo to self …nap before movies.